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If you have ever been a college student, then you know what it is like to be facing a treadmill of seemingly pointless essays and other written assignments. Unless you use custom writing services, it leaves you with not nearly enough time for other academic activities, leave alone other important aspects of a student’s life – such as socializing or working to pay your rent and/or tuition. And to make things even more complicated, those writing assignments always come with a sharp deadline for submitting them.

And with all these writing assignments, it is often quite unclear where should one begin, where should one go next, what should one do afterward, etc. Let alone the main question: why was I even given this assignment? It is true that one can often hardly avoid getting the impression that many of these writing assignments are mere formalities that some of the faculty workers need you to do just so they could process some of their bureaucratic nonsense. And the headache is all yours.

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This is why more and more students opt to employ third party assistance with writing – namely, finding a custom writing services to have those essays written for them. It can hardly be outlined into a clear tendency with a fixed set of causes that work in a particular proportion or under a fixed combination of circumstances. Whether to write an essay oneself or to employ some professional help, – is always an individual decision by a particular student with his or her own set of professional and academic skills, as well as ethical values. So, if you still have not made up your mind whether you would like to write that essay yourself or have it written custom, you may be tempted to look into the statistics. Well, don’t. That would be yet another pointless thing to do. Instead, it is much more useful to analyze the pros and cons of both variants.

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Writing Yourself AS Opposed to Custom Writing: BENEFITS

Students are always recommended against seeking third party help when writing their essays. Instead, they are encouraged to write everything themselves. Putting it briefly, this is supposed to reveal the student’s individual understanding of the material to the academic staff, as well as to teach the student to convey their thoughts in written form. At least, so it is explained.

Writing all your essays and other academic papers yourself may seem tedious and take unjustified amounts of your precious time and effort, but it pays off indeed. Apart from perfecting your writing skills for the sake of it, there are quite a few more benefits in writing stuff yourself:

  1. Time management. As mentioned before, you always need to submit your writings on a fixed deadline. Obviously, not all students are equally organized. Some students are less organized than others. But – even if you get yourself in a little bit of trouble because of these strict terms once or twice, though these bruises you will later learn to manage your time much more effectively. Effective time management as a skill includes (but is not limited to) the ability to fracture bigger amounts of work into smaller and easier to accomplish ones, the ability to avoid procrastination, the ability to confront writer’s block, the ability to organize your knowledge and ideas in a clear and comprehensive way for the ease of working with them later, etc. This can be of extreme value in your future endeavors of any sort.
  2. Writing skills. Obviously, any practice trains a certain skill (or a set of skills). The more you practice in writing, the better writer you become. In many possible careers that you might choose in future, writing skills may prove to be a great advantage, if not crucial. With this approach, polishing your writing skills is not a fruitless undertaking at all. Moreover, as mentioned before, constant writing exercises help you to organize your thoughts clearer and easier to follow way, which is a great thing – that, unfortunately, a tremendous amount of people lack – in and of itself.
  3. Possible career. If you grow to be a real pro in writing, you might become known for that in your school or even outside it. Your professors might set you as an example for other students or even offer to send some of your works to theme competitions. For one, this can make you a local celebrity of some sort. But more importantly, some of your fellow students may seek your help with their writing, should they have some problems submitting their papers. You may choose to leave your friends to write all their assignments themselves – as you wrote yours, or you can choose to help a friend in need. If you choose the former, then you face another choice – whether you can offer your help for free or it should be motivated, say, materially. Eventually, with enough material motivation, you may learn to put out essays or even more serious works (such as dissertations) quite quickly, like an assembly line. So, if you also happen to enjoy the process, then you should probably consider making writing into your career and writing custom for a living. If you have a talent, this is your chance to put it to good use!
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Writing Yourself AS Opposed to Custom Writing: DISADVANTAGES

When you opt to write all the essays yourself, the way your school expects you to, you are certain to come across certain obstacles. These obstacles can be extremely inconvenient and cause quite some stress which you can avoid by enlisting the help of a custom essay writing service. Among the most common obstacles and inconveniences in question are the following:

  • Lack of expertise. The writing assignments that you are expected to accomplish will not always be in your major discipline. Sometimes, they will be in subjects that you are not particularly interested in or have not much to say about. In such case, you have to spend your precious time and effort squeezing the words from your mind, when you could have done something more valuable for your professional training, as in something more relevant. For example, reading about your major discipline or doing some field research, – in other words, actually discovering and studying something.
  • Lack of skill. Let’s face it – writing is a quite specific skill which not everybody is good at. Moreover, not everyone must be good at this. It is wrong to assume that every single profession that a student may want to obtain demands expertise in writing. Therefore, essays written by students are not always well-written. Do you really want to have your name written under something that you are not particularly proud of? Is it not better to address someone who specializes in it?
  • (Not) Complying with the terms. As mentioned before, written assignments are always due on a specific date. Often, even the exact timing is also specific. A student who is not an expert in writing will often not know where to even begin. This will lead to postponing and procrastinating. And as time flies, the stress will increase. Does it make the student a potentially bad specialist in his or her field? Obviously, not. This means that such tremendous amounts of stress can be avoided.

Eemploying the Best Custom Writing Services: BENEFITS

The benefits of digging up a writing company are basically the mirror image of the disadvantages of writing all your essays yourself that we discussed earlier in this article:

  1. Quality. When you trust any kind of work to a professional, you quite rightfully expect it to be well done. Same with essay writing – when you trust your essay to be written by someone who does it for a living, you are right to expect this person to be a real pro in that. Given how saturated this niche market is, the companies offering writing services are in fierce competition, trying to “outwrite” each other. Surely, some have higher standards and better results. Given enough research and a little bit of luck, you will find the best custom essay writing service for you.
  2. Expertise. Given the competition mentioned above, custom writing companies simply cannot afford to give their client a bad piece of writing. Therefore, they have writers with narrow specializations – to fit the most specific demands of their clientèle (and their faculties) – more often than not. So, by addressing these professionals, you can rest assured that your writing will not be trusted to amateurs.
  3. Terms. We already discussed how challenging it can be for a student to comply with the terms. Especially, in a situation where one is given several writing assignments by several different professors in several different subjects, – and sadly, such a situation is not so rare. In writing companies, on the other hand, supplying the writing on time is a part of their ordinary workflow (at least, in the good ones). So, by trusting your essay to professionals, you can be sure that it will be delivered strictly on time, and you can save yourself quite some nerve.
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Eemploying the Best Custom Writing Services: DISADVANTAGES

This one is a no-brainer. What could possibly be a disadvantage about employing the best? Basically, the only disadvantage that you will come across by trusting your written assignments to professionals, as opposed to writing everything yourself, is that you will not train certain skills that we have discussed earlier. So, before making up your mind as to whether you want to write an essay yourself or better hire someone more qualified to do that for you, be strongly recommended to take into account if you need to obtain those skills for your future profession. Is good writing essential for the work that you plan to do in future? Or, at least, useful? Answering those questions wisely will help you make the right decision.

Another minor disadvantage worth mentioning is the ethical aspect of the question. Many people still find outsourcing writing talents somewhat morally ambiguous. However, if you give it proper thinking, you will most likely find out that this is merely a prejudice that barely exists outside your head. It is not unethical to leave pieces of work to someone who is clearly qualified. Especially, when you do it in favor of being in control of your time and spending it with true effectiveness for your studies. It is a tiny bit unethical, on the other hand, to insist on doing a job that you know can be done better by someone else.

As you can see, when you try to think of some disadvantages of working with professional writers (it even sounds silly, doesn’t it?), you need to think real hard to come up with anything.

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How to get the Best Custom Writing

The answer to this question is as simple as most answers these days: you just use Google or any other search engine of your liking. Writing companies have no reason to be discreet, so you will not need to use any proxy servers to search the deep web.

Quite the contrary, they are all on the surface, so you will probably need to take some time seeking out the one for you. We have briefly mentioned that this niche market is quite saturated, and the companies have to compete with each other for every student in need of help. It is good for you since you are the one that they are competing for, you are the one that they will be struggling to please.

Some will try to lure you with the discounts, others will promise the unmatched quality. Sometimes both. Still, choosing the ultimate custom essay writing company to trust your writing to is not an easy thing to do, it can be quite challenging.

First of all, you need to know your budget – how much you are ready and willing to pay for your written masterpiece. Then, the surest way to find the best provider of corresponding services is to find some authentic customer testimonials and look through them.