20 Study Abroad Tips That Are Actually Helpful

20 Study Abroad Tips That Are Actually Helpful
Studying abroad can be one of the most satisfying events of your college career. The world is filled with culture and experiences that are diverse to yours. You have the chance to meet people you never thought you would become close with. There are so many benefits of taking your education overseas. Here we have listed 20 best tips for those who are taking the leap.

1. Do Your Research

Do Your Research
When traveling anywhere abroad it is best to read about your desired destination. Beyond the study abroad program pamphlet, there are various other ways in which you can get information on the country and city you wish to visit.
  • Grab your local newspaper. Your local newspaper can help you learn about the general state of affairs in that part of the world.
  • Read a travel book. One example of a great travel book is Lonely Planet. Here, you will familiarize yourself with the major monuments, local shops, transportation, including the places you will want to stay away from.
  • Check out travel websites. A cool website that offers great research material is Glimpse.org and other blogs that share different experiences studying in the country you wish to go. By utilizing these websites, you get the chance to experience first-hand contact with locals.

2. Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead
As soon as you know where you will be taking your education, you should consider booking your flight. When doing so, you save much more money than if you waited the very last minute.
Discounts In addition to planning in advance
3. Discounts In addition to planning in advance, you can save money by taking advantage of your student discounts. Does your college offer deals for the country you are traveling to? If so, you can get affordable bargains at tourist attractions, shops, transportation, museums, movie theatres, and even hostels. Check out your options to save loads of money.

4. Learn the Language

Learn the Language
You know the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” The same goes for studying in a different country. Most likely you will not learn the whole language in one day, however you should take the effort. Try taking a class on the subject or reading a book that will teach you the most basic rules. This will help boost your confidence.

5. Plan Your Meals

Plan Your Meals
If you love a certain food that may not be sold in your country of choice, it may be a great idea to stock up on your favorite items. Some parts of the world may offer the same foods with their twist. Keep this in mind and purchase those items before leaving the US.

6. Think Useful

Think Useful
Try your best to pack only the things you know will be useful to you on your stay. The last thing you will want is to lug around a heavy book bag while trying to enjoy the local area. Pack those things that are resourceful.

7. Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency
Keep in mind that the country you choose to study in, has a different currency than that of the US. This may even mean that you will experience additional charges to foreign purchases. For this reason it is important that you check with your bank to see if they have any special agreements with the foreign bank. If you would like to avoid the bank altogether, try withdrawing money as you go. This will help eliminate any financial mishaps that could occur when in a different country.

8. Communication

With Family It is important that you figure out your method for communicating with your friends and family back home. You may also want to keep contact with your new friends. Check out the different affordable options for you. Few options include:
  • Wifi Internet Connection
  • Skype
  • Vonage
  • VOIP options
  • Cell phone plans
  • Landline rates

9. Resources

If you are new to the abroad country, it is a great idea to ask questions. Ask about any fun opportunities you may be missing out on. You may find that the country offers weekend trip planning. Do not let these resources pass you by!

10. Learn The Map

Learn The Map
Try your best to avoid using your mobile phone and learn to read the map. This method is quicker and eliminates your risk of danger. By learning to read the city map, you will gain an increase of confidence and the ability to think on your toes.

11. Have FUN!

Have FUN!
Being in a foreign environment can be so much fun. Try getting out of your comfort zone and dive into the culture. You may be surprised how much more confident you become after adapting to a new culture! Here are a few ways you can embrace your chosen country:
  • Learn the language
  • Join a local team/club
  • Volunteer
  • Join an internship

12. Make Friends With Locals

Make Friends With Locals
Meet people from the country. This is a great way of understanding the culture. Your friend may give you an adventurous tour of the city and show you exciting places you never would have learned with a tour guide.

13. Get To Know Your Fellow Classmates

Get To Know Your Fellow Classmates
You are in an unfamiliar place. Forming a bond with the people you are studying with can help you combat homesickness.

14. Venture Off

Venture Off
When you are comfortable and confident about the local routes, explore the city alone. This deepens your personal experience even more. Traveling abroad does not always have to be in a group. Take the time to see new sights. Only, do this when you are given the freedom to.

15. Put Relationships On Hold

Put Relationships On Hold
Do not allow relationships at home to hold you back from experiencing this one of a lifetime chance. If your friends and family love you, they will support your new opportunity to learn abroad. Remember that this trip is for you and no one else.

16. Attend Your Classes

Attend Your Classes
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17. Be a Local

Be a Local
Sure you may be an American in a different country, but you will certainly gain more experience by acting like the natives do. Check out different churches, hang out spots, and even etiquette cues.

18. Get Involved

Get Involved
If you play a particular sport, join a local sports club. If you would rather coach, then serve a youth team. Have fun and meet new people that love the same things that you do. Just remember to pack your own gear. The prices overseas may be expensive for your budget.

19. Take Photos/Videos

Take Photos/Videos
You will certainly want to remember this trip. Why not keep a record of pictures and videos? Capture every moment so that you can share them with your family and friends back home. There are numerous websites that make this possible and even allow you to create albums. Few of them are Webshots.com, Shutterfly.com, Blurb.com, and Flickr.com.

20. Take MORE Pictures

Take MORE Pictures
Take note of everything while on your stay. Do not be afraid to take pictures of every place you visit. When you leave, you will want to remember your experiences.