45 Great Term Paper Topics

45 Great Term Paper Topics

Choosing a topic for a term paper is often even more complicated than writing a paper itself. The matter is that when you have already chosen a topic, you at least have an idea about what to write. Even if you are short on time, you can always find some tips on how to write a term paper in one night and succeed in completing this task. Of course, if you do not have a topic, you will not be able to write a paper. In this article, we are going to cover one of the most important issues – good term paper topics and how to choose them. This article will be useful to both students and professors and will help save time and effort that our readers usually spend on finding best topics for term papers.

The beginning: how to choose a topic

First of all, let us think about the principles of choosing a topic. There are many aspects that determine what title you should choose. First and foremost, you need to think of the general field of your paper. It can be linguistics, history, economics, etc. In fact, this is the key aspect that affects the topic of your article. You will agree that if you need to write a term paper on microbiology, you will not look for the topics on the development of artificial intelligence in compiling dictionaries or for international finance topics term papers. You should understand that a topic for term paper is chosen according to the subject of your research and you cannot mix them up.

Another important thing is to narrow the field of investigation for your paper. It means that if you need to write a paper on the history of US, you do not need to write about its whole history. You need to choose some period (it may be a 10-years period or even a 1-week period – everything depends on the importance of the events) and write a paper about it.

Of course, the best topics for term paper are those which you know perfectly. The matter is that you can save time and effort on the research. As you probably know, research is the most important part of writing a paper. Without a proper research, you cannot write a good paper.

When you have several term paper ideas, it may be rather difficult for you to choose the only one. That’s why you need to spend some time and select the idea that is interesting enough for you so that you can forget about all other topics that may divert your attention.

Where to find topic

When looking for topics for term paper, you may ask your professor for help or try to define the ideas that are the most interesting to you. Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages. First, let us analyze the option of asking your professor to give you a topic. It may seem to be quite a good idea, but it limits your opportunities in selecting a field for the investigation that really interests you. However, if you decide to define the ideas on your own, you may check topic for term paper sample list and find those which are the most interesting to you.

To simplify your life, we have collected lists of interesting topics for different subjects: psychology, history, microeconomics, biology, and finances. You can use these topics and find inspiration for your further work.

These are perfect college term paper topics, so if you study at college, you can take them without any hesitation and enjoy the benefits of saving time on thinking about possible ideas for writing.

Ideas for psychology

If your major is psychology, you probably have thousands of ideas for research. However, this huge selection may become a challenge for you as you will not be able to define what exactly you want to investigate. So, if you feel that you need some assistance in defining a topic, we recommend you to check our list of psychology term paper topics:

  • Child obesity as a reflection of parental negligence
  • Obsession with fast food: the problem of modern US
  • The relation between obesity and computer games
  • How narcissistic mothers influence mental health of their kids
  • How stress influences preterm delivery
  • Influence of mental illness on self-harm
  • How abortion affects mental disorders
  • Raise of violence among teens
  • Relation between computer games and violence
  • The problem of sexting and its consequences among kids
  • How homophobia affects the society
  • Emotional effects of solitary confinement
  • Effect of red and green colors on mental state of a child
  • Psychological problems of terrorism victims
  • Forming and changing of habits
  • Ethical aspects of gay adoption
  • Why adults suffer from shyness
  • Psychological effects of tortures
  • Why attractive people are treated differently?
  • How to communicate with terrorism victims
  • What to avoid in communication with torture victims
  • What problems homeless people have
  • Effect of sports on mental health
  • Why some marriages last long: the key aspects of successful matrimony
  • Advantages and disadvantages of school uniforms in psychology
  • Importance of sexual education

Ideas for history

If your major is US history, you are probably wondering how to define the idea for the research. Now, you do not need to think about this problem, just choose one of our US history term paper topics:

  • The effect of arrival of Europeans on Native Americans
  • Europeans’ exploitation of American resources
  • Problems of religious toleration in early America
  • Dominant power in early North America
  • Assistance of Native Americans in establishing Great Britain as a dominant power
  • Native American rebel against the colonists
  • Seven years’ war and its consequences
  • English rule: breaking away reasons
  • American revolution: how African Americans supported the idea
  • Sons of Liberty: brief overview of the notion
  • Second Continental Congress and George Washington effect on the Revolutionary War
  • Success and failure of Articles of Confederation
  • Effect of Constitution on the federal government
  • Key notions of the Great Compromise
  • How did Britain affect the war of 1812?
  • Introduction of Embargo Act
  • Reasons and prerequisites of the Civil War
  • Consequences of the Civil War
  • Slave laws in different American states
  • Political agenda of the South
  • Political agenda of the North
  • Impact of women on the Wild West
  • Industrial Revolution prerequisites
  • Effect of Industrial Revolution on the role of women
  • Women’s suffrage in the history of America
  • Comparison of immigration laws of 1917, 1882, and 1907
  • 1920s affected by Harlem Renaissance
  • Great migration and its effect on the country
  • Effect of Great Depression on American society
  • US role in WWI and WWII
  • Bombing of Pearl Harbor
  • Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Causes of the Cold War
  • Why do we call the Korean War the Forgotten War?
  • Abuse of power by presidents
  • Prerequisites of the Vietnam War

Ideas for microeconomics

For those of you who study microeconomics, we offer a list of microeconomics term paper topics. Please choose the topic wisely as all these topics presuppose a careful research and your total dedication to studying:

  • Effect of supply and demand on prices in the market
  • Effect of recession on food industry
  • The correlation between changes of seasons and changes in economics
  • Market structures: difference and necessity in balance
  • How the supply is affected by different market structures
  • Labor market effect on supply and demand
  • Labor unions effect on labor market
  • Interdependence of pricing and purchasing
  • Effect of advertising: do ads assist in market domination?
  • Challenges of running a small business
  • Creativity as a key aspect of marketing strategy

Ideas for biology

Biology offers a wide field for investigation and it may be quite difficult to choose only one. We recommend you to pay attention to our biology term paper topics in order to find the most interesting ideas for you:

  • Safeguards for using anthrax
  • How do the hormonal changes occur during pregnancy
  • Why do humans have 9-months gestation period
  • Impact of alcohol on the human body
  • Reasons for declining of otter population
  • How can Ebola be turned into the biological weapon
  • Bipolarity as a problem of biology
  • Skin problems: how psoriasis and eczema can be treated
  • How do flowers pollinate and how does the color of flowers affect that?
  • Cellular reproduction of DNA
  • How do the frogs jump
  • The possibilities of human cloning

Ideas for international finance

Students who study finances may be confused by the wide choice of fields that provide possibilities for research. Here we have the ideas that will make your choice easier:

  • Causes and solutions to the Euro Crisis
  • Should Greece leave the Eurozone?
  • Possibility of Devaluation of Chinese yuan
  • Liberalization of emerging market economies as a main destroying factor for the global economy
  • Positive and negative implications of reform of the IMF
  • Analyze the gold standards in 1870- 1914
  • The contribution of the Korea’s International Foreign Policy to the Global Financial Crisis.
  • Gross capital inflows to Sovereigns

We hope that our list of ideas and topics will be useful to you in your studying! You can mix them up, add some ideas, or take these topics as the basis for your research. Creating a topic for a term paper can be easy indeed.