5 Reasons Why Content Is King in Today’s Marketing

5 reasons Why Content Is King in Today's Marketing

Business world changes a lot almost every day: new marketing trends and tendencies appear, and so it is important to keep up with them in order to generate new leads and keep your business running. Things are already very different from what they were 5 or 10 years ago: back then, people called companies to find out, whether they were able to solve their problems or not. Now they just surf the web, searching for the answers and eventually finding a company that seems the most trustworthy.

That’s probably the main reason why content is considered the king of modern marketing: it shows your potential clients how useful you can be to them. And that’s also a reason why custom writing service is bevoming so popular nowadays.

1. Content marketing is useful.

Content marketing is useful

People still get annoyed by ads, which main goal is to persuade customers to buy a product or order a service. Content marketing, however, is a completely another thing: he helps people understand why a certain company or brand is the best, instead of simply telling “we’re the best”.

Let’s imagine that you’re searching for a repair service online. You find a number of websites: some of them tell you why should you use their services, while the others provide information about the types of breaking, about whether it’s possible to fix them on your own or not, and so on. Which website would you trust the most? Probably the one that’ll turn out to be the most useful for you.

That’s why content marketing is so great: the clients are much more willing to work with you when you offer them something interesting first.

2. Content marketing attracts visitors and increases ranking.

How many visitors can you attract if you have a website offering certain products or services only? Probably a lot, if your website has good rankings. However, if you fill this website with useful content related not only to what your company can offer but also to your niche in general, you’ll attract even more visitors. Sure, some of them might not need your services at the moment, but when they’ll do, they’ll remember that positive impression your website made once and may turn to you.

Moreover, if you upload new content regularly and try to make it as original as possible, this affects your search engines ranking too. Some companies find it enough to simply rewrite someone else’s articles, but actually the more original your content is, the higher your ranking will be.

3. Content marketing turns visitors into loyal clients.

One of the best things about regular updates is that people come back for them. Imagine a person working in your niche, who’s looking for some useful and up-to-date content. If you are able to provide them with the newest information about trends, tendencies, tips, and other important stuff, this person will visit your site often or will even subscribe to a newsletter.

So when a time comes when this person needs a product or a service you are able to offer, they will most likely turn to you instead of the other company who didn’t offer them valuable information.

4. Content marketing adds more value to a brand.

Content marketing encourages communication

Not all brands are willing to share something with their clients, especially if they find this information useful. While it’s normal to keep important things and business advice to ourselves, we may benefit more from sharing them. Imagine a brand that isn’t afraid to share and think about how the clients will view it. Most likely, they’ll see it as more open and trustworthy than the others.

Moreover, if the information you share turns out to be very useful to other people from your niche, your brand’s value will increase even more. If people know that your company is open and competent enough to give good advice, they’ll choose you instead of the less open ones.

5. Content marketing encourages communication.

When you create a good content and post it somewhere (especially on social media), you encourage people to react to it in some way, be it likes, dislikes or shares. If content is really good, people scrolling their newsfeeds will most likely pause to study it. If they look at it and share it, that’s amazing as this is the perfect way to attract new clients. However, even if they don’t share it or like it, that okay too: at least they took their time to examine it. This means you’ve got their attention even for a few moments and that they’ll remember your brand later.

It is important not only to understand why content marketing is the king but also to learn how to make your content amazing. Education is crucial, as new marketing tendencies and trends appear almost every week and a professional has to keep in touch with them. I hope you’ll succeed in making your content awesome!