Argumentative Research Paper Topics for College Students

If you are a student, then you probably know perfectly well how to write a thesis statement for a research paper as well as what athesis statement for a research paper is. You can quickly explain to a freshman how to make a thesis statement for a research paper in the most efficient way within the shortest time possible. All in all, you might feel quite confident about your writing skills.

Besides, you get plenty of opportunities for training your writing skills as a student. So, you don’t worry about an upcoming deadline or a difficult assignment.

However, it’s only true until your teacher asks you to come up with a topic for an argumentative essay. That is when your heart starts pounding as you have absolutely no idea what you can write about.

Of course, it is evident from the name of an essay – argumentative – that it has to give writers a chance to start a discussion around certain topics. Some students pick topics with quite evident answers. However, despite the fact that it is significantly easier to craft such pieces, they fail to reach their primary goal – heat up a debate around something.

It is not like there are no good topics or that you do not know where to start but rather that there are so many great examples that you get lost in the variety of choices. However, the good news is that there are so many themes in our lives which can be referred to as “gray zones” that one can easily opt for a topic from such zone.

If it is not helping, then here is our solution. We have decided to help you with the best themes for an argumentative essay. They are all suitable for such an essay as they have room for opposite opinions and disagreements over particular things.

Thus, if you feel that you need help in this area, you can save this list as well as out tips on how to compose an argumentative piece for the time you need it.

A list of excellent topics for argumentative essays

  1. Should prostitution become a legal profession?
  2. Should abortions be banned all over the world?
  3. At what age do you think it is appropriate to start drinking alcohol?
  4. Do you think that the “dry law” would help prevent alcoholism worldwide?
  5. Should capital punishment be legal?
  6. Should sexual education be banned at schools?
  7. What do you think about the ethical aspect of tests performed on animals?
  8. Should prisoners be given a right to get higher education in prisons?
  9. What do you think would prevent sexual harassment at the workplace?
  10. What rights do immigrants truly deserve?
  11. Should alcohol propaganda be banned?
  12. Should the government ban sex on TV?
  13. What kinds of advertisements should be outlawed?
  14. Should parents be arrested for punishing their children physically?
  15. Should children get paid for excellent performance at school?
  16. Is it necessary to talk about sex with your kids?
  17. Should the government allow bachelors to adopt kids?
  18. Is virtual communication as good as the real life one?
  19. Should all people get free higher education?
  20. How can poverty be prevented?
  21. Should wealthy states help the underfunded countries?
  22. What are the most destructive habits of the modern society?
  23. Should boys and girls study at different schools?
  24. Should everyone be involved in volunteer work?
  25. Should child labor be banned and monitored?
  26. Should people who demonstrate hatred in public be called criminals?
  27. Should students be allowed to pray before classes?
  28. What books should be banned from the school libraries?
  29. Should people who smoke pay higher taxes or not?
  30. Should there be a limit on how revealing women’s clothes can be?
  31. What is better – a paper book or an ebook?
  32. Will robots ever replace human intelligence?
  33. Should people use fewer technologies?
  34. Can concubinage actually be called a marriage?
  35. Should people be allowed to have polygamous relationships?
  36. Do you consider modern art a real art?
  37. Will all businesses move to the Internet one day?
  38. Are there cases when war is justified?
  39. Should people get rid of all military weapons all over the world? Will we have peace then?
  40. Who has more responsibilities in a family – a husband or a wife?

Now, as you have a variety of topics to choose from for your next research paper, let’s talk more about the actual process of writing a thesis statement for a research paper as well as other parts of such a piece. You may be sure that you already know how to write a thesis statement for a research paper but still, check out our recommendations and may be you will find new ideas on how to create a thesis statement for a research paper.

Tips on how to write a good research paper

Once students pick a great theme which they can develop, change, and work with, they should move on to the next stage which is writing. Not everybody knows how to write a thesis statement for research paper that will be effective and impressive. So,here are the stages every writer goes through which students must stick to when aiming to create a brilliant work.

  1. Create an outline.
    Think of the most important parts of any essay. Such parts are usually standard. They include an introduction of a research paper, main body paragraphs, and conclusion.
    Make a rough draft of what you’ll talk about in each of these sections and think of good examples or stories to illustrate your position.
  2. Start writing an introduction.
    Typically, introduction begins with some bright opening sentences which are also referred to as hooks. They aim to grab readers’ attention and encourage them to finish readingthe whole piece.
  3. Create an excellent thesis statement.
    At the endof the first paragraph, every hook should resolve into a thesis statement which is a short summary of the general idea of your text. A good thesis statement for a research paper is no longer than one sentence. There are plenty of examples of a good thesis statement for a research paper online and you can look through them in order to understand how to write a strong thesis statement for a research paper.
  4. Develop your thoughts.
    Then, one must proceed to the development of their ideas in the main body paragraphs. Use reliable sources to back up your thoughts and statements.
  5. Wrap it all up in a conclusion.
    All papers should end with a proper conclusion which summarizes everythingand leaves readers with an idea or two to think over. Besides, a conclusion should echo the central idea of a piece and demonstrate how the goals of the research were achieved as well as how significant this work is.
  6. Revise the document.
    Though writing seems to be the hardest part, it is not so. Once everything is done, students should also review their papers and check themfor grammar mistakes, typos, misspellings, flow of the text, consistency, the accuracy of facts, relevance to the field of study, etc. It might take a long time and some even opt for professional help at this stage. However, no matter how you do it, don’t underestimate the value a good revision can have for your paper.

We highly recommend you sticking to this plan as it will ensure that your piece contains everything a proper research paper should have as well as the quality your tutors expect to see.

How to make a thesis statement for a research paper

Most students consider this part to be the most complicated. They find it hard to compose a short sentence which will both demonstrate what ideas are centralin the paper and create a certain controversy that the readers might want to discuss. At this point, some students would gladly accept the help of a thesis statement maker for a research paper, but don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it may seem.

When looking for ideas on how to form a thesis statement for a research paper, consider viewing this sentence as a road map which will lead your readers to particular points you want to interest them in. By reading it, they should understand whether this text is of any interest to them as well as whether they agree with you or not. It’s one of the secrets that help to understand how to write a good thesis statement for a research paper.

An example of a thesis statement for a research paper can look like this: “Prisoners should not be given a right to vote as they do not deserve to have a say in the country’s future.” This might sound too rough for some of you. However, this thesis statements has everything it needs:

  1. It is controversial.
    Such statements invite us to heat up a discussion. They make us want to oppose the author and prove our point by all means.
  2. It offers no solution.
    The solution is yet to come in the paragraphs of the main body. Thesis statement only poses a question without answering it right away.
  3. It gives an idea of what the text is about.
    After reading this final sentence of an introduction, one canunderstand what the whole text is about and decide whether theywant to finish reading it or not.

All in all, have fun creating an argumentative research paper on one of the topics we suggested for you here. It is essential to master a skill of persuasion now, so do not lose your chance!