How to Write a Term Paper in One Night

How to Write a Term Paper in One Night

Almost everyone at some point of their academic life has to write a paper the day before its deadline. This can happen due to various reasons such as being overloaded with work, forgetfulness and simple laziness. Either way, there is no need to panic.

Writing a term paper is not an easy task and to write one in a night certainly takes a certain level of skill. Here is how you write a term paper in one night.

Choose a Topic

Before you start on the term paper, make sure you have a topic to write about, preferably something you’re well versed in. Also, be sure to choose a creative topic that you can play with. Choose a topic that you have answers to. If you’re not given the freedom to choose it for yourself, it’s still ok. Do your research on the required topic and make sure you have enough content to write about.

When choosing a topic, also make sure that it’s something you understand. Don’t choose something too challenging just to prove a point or show that you’re smart.

Another point to note is that your work should be original and unique – don’t select the obvious as most people probably would have.

Do Your Research

Do Your Research

Once you get your topic from whichever source, be it the teacher or Google, be sure to do your research. Gather as much content on the subject as you can. You need to do this quickly and the best way to do it isby usingthe library’s website where you can be sure to get the most accurate information that will be acceptedby your lecturers.

Make sure to include a bibliography of all the relevant links to the information that you used for your paper. Go through the sources, from which you may grab some relevant quotes.

Create an Outline

As you gather your information, make sure to outline each point on a piece of paper or in a text editor so as to remember and be able to plan your work at the same time. Also, jot down any ideas that you may have. Writing down your information gives you an overview of how your work will look. Consider it to be a rough sketch and if you want to change something, you do it on the rough sketch.


When it comes to formatting your work, make sure you get the guidelines from your lecturer as to how they want your work to be arranged. Some may have different requirements from others, for example, one may want title pages while the other prefers title information.

Use double spacing right from the beginning. In case you’re using citation format, you may require footnotes. If you choose to single space everything at first and then double space it at the end, you may create chaos as you will spend a lot of time going back to check if the sentences that you were citing are still together. Create a bibliography page as early as possible as it will be harder the longer you wait.

Start Writing

Start Writings

Now that you have everything that you need in order to come up with your paper, start writing. You first start with a thesis – a statement that will give a preview of what you will be talking about in your paper. A thesis is very important as this is the part that makes the reader interested in your work, so make it as interesting as possible and also short and precise.

Also, add citations to your paper as this is mandatory. It will make your paper lengthier. Comment on every citation you include. If your lecturer doesn’t see any explanation or justification of why you used a citation, it may look like you just added everything that you could find to complete the work. For the conclusion, rewrite the introductory paragraph but with different wording and attach a good ending statement.


Once you’re done, ask yourself if you managed to talk about everything that you highlighted in your thesis. Did you cover it all or is there something you left out? If there are not covered points, here’s the chance to go back and add them.

Did you also happen to add things that were not mentioned on your thesis? If you did, you can choose to either delete the additions or rewrite your thesis.


After you’re done with your paper, make sure to review it. You may want to do few additional tasks like spell and grammar checking. You could have the best content that’s well formatted and researched but contains spelling and grammatical mistakes. Proofread your work to correct them.

To assist in this work, there are various tools available that you may use. One that I would recommend for spell checking and grammar is Grammarly. You may also use the dianahacker website to double check your paper for citations.

Alternatively, you can do things the old fashioned way and have someone look through your work for you. This can be someone you know or you could use a term paper writing service to help you out.



In case you have trouble staying up the whole night, you can drink some coffee to help you stay awake throughout the whole process. Coffee is my go-to beverage when I want to stay productive throughout lengthy period of time and get my work done. It stimulates me and gives me the energy I need.


As mentioned earlier, writing a term paper in one night is not an easy task. However, this can be done successfully by applying the tips presented above. This does not mean that you should always wait until the last minute to do your paper. Work on your time management and do your papers beforehand!