Top Techniques for Using Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business

Top Techniques for Using Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business


Many small businesses, retail stores, companies and agencies today are choosing to advertise their products and services through social media platforms or websites. The results are proving to be quite productive, fast, and convenient for a rapidly growing enterprise. However, many entrepreneurs and business people don’t even know where to start in using social media to build their businesses. Some education on marketing through social networking is therefore required for all those who may want to venture into this area. The first step during this learning process is to understand the meaning of the term ‘social media’ and ‘marketing.’ First, social media refers to applications and websites that enable subscribers to post and share content as well as undertaking activities of networking. Marketing just means the processes and activities that involve, communicating, creating and establishing, and delivering offerings that have value for clients, partners, customers, and the whole community. Armed with an understanding of these two definitions, we can now begin to look at what social media marketing, or SMM as most people would call it, is all about. One way to define it, is that it is a type of internet marketing strategy that seeks to make use of social media networks to achieve branding objectives and marketing goals all while interacting with both potential and current clients in a relaxed (social) manner.

Top Ways of Using Social Media Marketing

Establish Early Connections

Establish Early Connections It’s recommended that one builds proper social networking avenues and channels at an early stage the business. People should refrain from the habit of creating websites way after they have launched their enterprise. But what would you possibly have to talk about when you haven’t conducted any business or even set it up? Well, the answer is simple and straightforward. Engage in topics and posts that bear close connections to your industry, craft a system of taking part in conversations and various discussions, and become the source of information through interactions with other users. This will bring about a connection between you and your target market making it easier to steer the conversation towards your business and what it has to offer when the time comes.

Build Connections with Experts and Professionals in Your Field of Interest

When establishing your social media channels, building close ties with other subscribers is usually a worthwhile venture. The best way to do this is by searching for bloggers and journalists who you share a related industry with. Once you have identified them, begin by reading, giving comments, and if necessary, share their articles with other users online. The same applies to social media marketing. Take the initiative of connecting with individuals or businesses that you see implementing similar strategies. The relationships you build with your network may one day prove to be very useful. Never underestimate the power of networking.

Define your Market or Audience

This technique mainly applies to all those who may have failed to establish connections and relationships beforehand. It is, therefore, necessary that they look for relevant sites where they’ll be able to meet active members in the same niche. Also, they should familiarize themselves with the chosen platform so that when it’s time, they just go ahead and share their advertising ideas. However, it is essential to remember that, identifying a target audience is most of the times hectic, tiresome, and time-consuming. This is because the process involves looking for individuals or internet users who are engaging in related topics and discussions. For those who may require assistance, some of the social listening methods that are sure to help include FollowerWonk and SpiderQube.

Take Part in Conversations and Discussions

5 In all Brands existing in the world of social media websites such as Twitter, Google+, In all Brands existing in the world of social media websites such as Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, rapid conversations are the order of the day. Here, people post pictures and share thoughts regarding various topics, and this ultimately leads to heightened discussions. With respect to social media marketing, therefore, you may choose to participate in chats and discussions that are related to your business. Through engaging in conversations, interactions, and expert criticisms, one gains awareness and some degree of experience. Most people consider Facebook and Twitter to be the premier advertising and marketing sites. However, it has been discovered that for so long as you adapt the content you intend to share to match a given platform, there are no restrictions as to which networking base you may use to promote your enterprise. Lastly, it’s wise not to talk too much about your business or products as this will with time bore your subscribers. It’s, in fact, the nature of human beings to dislike and ignore those individuals who do nothing but talk about themselves. Hence, what you should do is comment and share more on other people’s posts, products and businesses. In turn, when you share something regarding your enterprise people will be more obliged to read.


By being consistent with the information you share with others, coupled with implementing smart, non-intrusive social media marketing methods, your target market or the audience will appreciate and respond to your posts. Don’t spam. Learn to moderate how much you advertise. In a nutshell, the world of social media marketing requires focus and consistent follow up in chosen tactics and methods to use. Keep tabs on your progress and take down the necessary data for a period of one to two months. This will go a mile in helping you decide what to add to your social media strategy. Lastly, the most crucial aspect and quality to remember is always to start simple then gradually adopt more complex measures as you progress. Don’t forget that before marketing your brilliant product or idea you have to create a plan for your business. It is one of the most important steps young entrepreneurs often underestimate. That is why don’t be afraid to ask professional business plan writers for help. If you are not sure about your own skills they will help you to create the best plan possible.