Why Writing Is Good For Your Mental Health

Why Writing Is Good For Your Mental Health

Lives of modern people are more intense and complicated than before. No wonder so many of them feel confused, sad, lost, and unable to cope with stress. One of the best things one can do in such circumstances is go see a psychologist; however, not all of us have enough money and time to do so, and some of us still hope to cope with their own problems on their own.

Actually, one can help oneself even without seeing therapists: there are so many simple things that can help improve mood and mental health. One of these things is writing.

To many of us writing seems a simple hobby or a career choice: in either way, such people view writing as a method of telling stories. However, to all of us writing can be a method to explore ourselves (and you don’t have to create fiction to do so).

How exactly does it work? Let’s find out.

1. Writing allows voicing your thoughts.

Writing allows voicing your thoughts

We all feel things that make us sad or angry sometimes. Sure, we can discuss these things with our friends and family or talk directly to the people that upset or angered us. However, not everyone can do that. Some people are afraid, some don’t know how to voice their thoughts and some consider these thoughts too private for everyone to hear. That’s why it is good to put them on paper: this way you’ll be able to put your feelings into words, to formulate them and to express them at least this way. Maybe after that you will be able to discuss them with someone else, but if not, that’s still okay.

When you write often, you learn how to describe what you’re feeling and why. This will be helpful for you in future: you’ll be able to tell others about your feelings with ease and to describe them well.

2. Writing is a form of a therapy.

Writing is a form of a therapy

Some of us push our deepest fears and pains to the farthest corners of their minds, wanting to forget them. However, the only way to let go of a certain emotion is to let yourself feel it first, and writing helps with that. Sure, this doesn’t happen immediately: one can write about a certain thing for a week before they feel better. But it is still good.

It’s good to keep a daily journal and to write about everything that happens and everything you feel there. When you describe a situation that angered or saddened you, you usually leave it on paper instead of rethinking it all the time. Writing can help you cope with various unpleasant daily situations well and so makes you happier.

3. Writing allows exploring yourself.

Writing allows exploring yourself

Writing is one of the best ways to explore and understand yourself better. However, not any writing can help with that: a simple journal note won’t be enough. If you want to explore yourself, you have to write a certain number of pages every day even if you don’t think you have something to say. When you run out of ideas, but continue to write, your subconscious starts doing all the work: one minute you were writing “I don’t know what else to say” and the next one it turns into “My relationship makes me sad”. Maybe you didn’t intend to write that and never thought about that much, but when you re-read what you’ve wrote, you realize that it’s true. Letting your subconscious speak is an amazing thing.

Moreover, if you re-read your journal often, you may start noticing a certain patterns happening in your life: for example that every time your boss yells at you, you eat sweets the whole evening, and so on. Such patterns can help you realize which things in your life have to be change and which ones have to be cherished.

That’s why you should try writing if you’re looking for a way to improve your mental health. Buy a notebook, a pen and set aside some of your time – and soon you’ll feel the changes. You still don’t know where to buy term papers online? We can help you with that.